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I Never Planned to Open a Wedding Venue

Wait, what?  I'm serious.  Just keep reading.

My name is   Amanda Lunt  your coordinator and designer! 

Mom & I were dreamers, but even in our wildest dreams, we never expected to own a popular wedding and celebration venue.  It happened when Mom walked into Cinder Creek, fell in love, and persuaded me that we could do anything and we weren’t afraid of hard work.  After she passed I had a massive amount of people that knew me from years of my cake artistry and decorating experience that booked Cinder Creek while under construction with pure trust!  From that day on we’ve been smooth sailing!  I quickly learned that these couples had become part of our family story.  That's really something special.  I also recognized that although I didn't have a deep knowledge of actually planning weddings at that time, I did have a unique team of talented people, and of course moms help from above leading us all along in her dream that we made a reality for her, making it what it has become today. 


[ A Little Backstory ] Mom spent her whole life decorating cakes & giving her time and energy to others she helped with many weddings.  Our talk of each weekend after cake deliveries was of the disaster of inclement weather, table cloths blowing over top of the cake, pictures broken, rain, too hot, you name it unexpectedly and then moving a bride into a church or a place they least wanted their dream wedding, yes she blessed me with her time and building talents too.  When I least expected it 18 years ago I got roped into the wedding cake biz too.  Mom ALWAYS had a dream of having a place for beautiful indoor/outdoor weddings and a place to do her cakes and again like the cakes I never wanted anything to do with it.  When we met at this place with purple carpet & cubicles she visioned how beautiful this place would be.  I chuckled under my breath and said heck no I’m not doing this.  Shortly after our meeting my mom passed and this is when her dream became my reality and my passion to live her legacy.  It has been hard but so worth it and I know she’s smiling so big and has been with me every step of the way!


I believe it's important to share with couples the story of how I came to host weddings.  I didn't set out to open a sought-after wedding venue, I don't have a team of investors with expectations or a quota for the number of weddings we have to book each year.  I host weddings and celebrations because we love sharing Cinder Creek with couples who love it too.  We are a family and staff that genuinely cares about you and the details of your big day, and a venue that consistently earns glowing reviews for going above and beyond.  We believe firmly you aren't a "number" or a "package".  We also understand we only get one shot at making your wedding day spectacular and the trust you put in us to do our very best.  Since we opened June 1st 2020 the venue has grown into something we never imagined.  We've listened to our couples and have done our best to make improvements each and every wedding.  From adding more photo opportunities to the romance of our crackling fire pits and the thousands of pieces of decor we have in inventory to borrow for no additional fee, every decision has been made with one of the biggest days in your life in mind. 



We are so blessed that so many couples have allowed us to play a small part in their big day.  We hope to have the opportunity to play a small part in yours too.

Schedule your tour today!

Amanda Lunt



Welcome to Cinder Creek 

A Relaxed indoor/outdoor Ceremony, Luncheon & Reception Venue located smack dab in the middle of Central Utah.


Stunning, Stress Free (and Affordable!). Wedding Days Are Our Passion.

 Can you even believe it?! It’s time to put those Pinterest boards to work and start officially planning your wedding day. With the flurry of excitement, hugs, and congratulations quickly came, “When’s your date?! Do you have a venue?”

You know a few things for sure: you want to actually enjoy your wedding day (not be stressed or rush through it!), you don’t want your family to stress about all the details on your wedding day, and you know enough to know that you need help. A totally DIY venue is just not your thing.

At Cinder Creek we’re here and ready to serve you.

Many venues will book you and you’re left on your own to figure it all out. (If you haven’t planned a wedding before this is a BIG job!). At Cinder Creek we’re hands on helping you throughout the planning process and managing many aspects of your wedding day for you, so you and your family can relax and enjoy the day. You’ll also fall in love with our newly renovated and spacious property to accommodate your closest family and friends, show stopping bride and groom suites, included coordination service, flexible vendor policy and much more. Ready to see if Cinder Creek is your new favorite venue?


Our Rental Fee + Flexible Vendor Policy Offers Affordable Options.

There are no guest count or spending minimums.  

Make your event as upscale or casual as you’ve imagined.

 Our pricing and Flexible Vendor Policy allow you to have an affordable wedding using the vendors of your choice.

You can also choose from the highly recommended vendors we love.

No surprises. No gotchas.





22 N Sheep Ln. drive 

Nephi Ut. 84648

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